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Version 0.6.2 (Archive)

This page provides information on the Version 0.6.2 release of the CybOX Language. All information about Version 0.6.2 is included in this centralized location. Join the CybOX Community to participate in the next version of CybOX.


CybOX Releases Archive

CybOX Version 0.6.2
All Files
CybOX Core Schema
CybOX Objects Schemas*

* The following objects were derived and extended from original base objects from the Mandiant OpenIOC schemas (http://schemas.mandiant.com): Disk Object, DNS Cache Object, File Object, Win Kernel Hook Object, Win Driver Object, Win Prefetch Object, Process Object, Win Registry Object,Network Route Object, Service Object, System Object, Win System Restore Object, Win Task Object, Account Object, Volume Object.

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