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A Structured Language for Cyber Observables

CybOX Language — Version 2.1
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Welcome to the CybOX Community! You have joined numerous colleagues from across the international cyber security community who have come together to help build this growing, open-source industry effort.

Discussion List

The CybOX Community Email Discussion List is where community members discuss the latest drafts of the CybOX schemas, utilities, specifications, technical documents, and other items integral to the ongoing development of CybOX.

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GitHub Repositories

The CybOXProject GitHub Repositories are the central location for CybOX Community members to make open-source contributions to CybOX development and manage issue tracking for the CybOX schemas, utilities, specifications, and other supporting information and items.

Current repositories:


Contact Us

You may also email us directly at with any comments or concerns.

Page Last Updated: August 13, 2015